Hasco Foundry, producing quality castings in Aluminium, Bronze, Brass, Cast and Ductile Iron.

The word “Foundry” instantly conjures up images of tough, hardworking people pouring incredibly hot molten metals into moulds. A raw and gritty environment where traditional metal working crafts are delivered by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.
Hasco Foundry in Ballarat is certainly an environment just like that, as many of the pictures on this website testify (the shots you see are of our foundry in action). But Hasco is also so much more.
Of course we make plaques and a large range of architectural features for buildings, but a rapidly growing part of our business is high tech/high specification “industrial” castings which involve many hours of complex computer aided design and pre-production engineering with the client.
For example, creating housings for highly stressed race tuned V8 Supercar gearboxes, or aftermarket manifolds and cylinder heads.
So if you’re looking for a reliable, established and highly respected foundry, where tradition and technology combine to deliver superior quality products each and every time, contact us.
Every job is different and we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to customer’s needs and provide the most appropriate solutions, advice and technology to deliver an optimal job. When you deal with us you won’t be getting a cheap import which may well have structural deficiencies and let you down. Don’t assume all this means we might be expensive, discuss your requirements with us and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.