Project Description

Grigsby’s work on a range of areas that can loosely be classified as “Architectural”, including:

-Reproduction pieces recreated from your originals to match exactly.
-Lacework, posts, balustrades, remaking broken pieces and many other items (just ask us if you wonder if we can do it!).
A little tip, from one piece of original lacework we can produce as many lengths as you require.
– Heritage fence components, for example spears, finials and capping.
Items can be produced in Cast Iron or Aluminium (Iron will be as per the original). It’s worth noting that Aluminium is lighter and easier to install, and once painted there is no detectable difference.
If you want something new and original, Architectural features can be produced to give the project a unique finish (talk to us and show us your drawings or ideas and we can help you make these a reality)
We also work with Specialty materials for harsh environments. A good example is Aluminium Bronze was used for the Post Support Foot and Clevis in the Hepburn Spa Resort in Victoria. This became a feature of the building in addition to providing excellent corrosion resistance.