Can you make my part in brass?/bronze?/aluminium?/iron?

We manufacture in a range of materials including all the copper based materials (brass, bronze, silicon bronze, aluminium bronze, copper manganese aluminium alloy, etc) any grade of aluminium (601, 701, 401 and 303 are the most common) cast Iron and ductile Iron (SG)
The choice depends on the application. If you are unsure of the material talk to us and we will help you make the right decision.

What do I need to provide for you to manufacture?

To make a part, a pattern is required. We can have the part designed, manufacture the pattern and complete the machining if required. Alternatively, if you have a pattern and will arrange the machining, we will manufacture the casting. Whatever you are thinking, we will be happy to help you so talk to us – our aim is to make it easy for you.

Can you make this steel part?

We do not manufacture in steel. Steel castings require special equipment. The closest we make is ductile iron which has properties equivalent to a low grade steel. If you require a steel casting we can either arrange that for you or put you in contact with a foundry that may be able to help.

Can you make this complex part?

We can make almost anything – but it does depend on how much it will cost as complex shapes may require a specialised pattern to be made. Many recreated parts can be made from the original. The best thing in this case is for us to have a look at the component and recommend the best way to manufacture it.

When are you open?

We are open from 7:30am until 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. If this is not convenient we are frequently here earlier and later so talk to us about a convenient time. We are happy to arrange to talk and meet you at any time.

Ballarat is not convenient for me, how can I utilise your services?

We ship products to all parts of Australia, and our products are also shipped overseas. Most initial design and evaluation can be done via photos and design drawings, or send the components to us via mail, courier or a transport company. We have many customers who we have a good relationship with but have never actually met.

How do you guarantee your quality?

All components have a process method developed which ensures sound castings will be made. They are all inspected prior to shipment. If required, Chemical certificates, Mechanical certificates and radiography can be provided. Our ISO9001 approved Quality System ensures that we track all our production and follow the correct manufacturing procedures.

I need thousands of pieces. Can you handle that?

We will make any number of pieces within our capability. We will work with you to make the pieces as economical as possible. For higher volume small aluminium pieces die casting may be appropriate. For other parts we will give you various options to determine the best way. We have large capacity so we can gear up to make a lot of pieces if required.

Will you make the one piece I need?

We are happy to make single items. Of course there may be some expenses in the set up which means the price for one is more costly than something being produced in larger volumes.

How do you compete with cheap imports?

It is impossible to charge the same price for an Australian made product as a mass produced item from a low cost country. Even so, there are many costs associated with importing products even if you do know who to get them from reliably, so unless you are buying huge quantities you may be surprised. We can match the amount produced to your requirements, guarantee quality and we are quick and easy to deal with.